Locally Grown Art is a contemporary glassblowing studio located near Chapel Hill, North Carolina, offering classes and custom artwork by artist/instructor Jonathan Davis. The studio utilizes six workstations with a total of 8,000 cfms of ventilation and features torches by GTT, Herbert Arnold, and Nortel.

Exterior of StudioThis lampworking facility and gallery is surrounded by over a 1,000 acres of forest which provide a beautiful and inspirational backdrop for the creative process. The studio showcases multiple kilns, coldworking equipment and a liquid oxygen and propane supply. Locally Grown Art also supplies select raw materials to facilitate your creations. Artists can rent studio time once they have completed the introduction class and then move on to intermediate and advanced classes. movie_tourStudents enjoy hands-on instruction as they learn a variety of techniques used in glassblowing and receive professional supervision from some of the best teachers North Carolina has to offer.To visit our gallery and see live glassblowing demonstrations, contact us to set up an appointment.