Jonathan Davis is an innovative artistic glassblower from Durham, North Carolina, who creates original works of glass art through a form known as lampworking.  He began his career at the Carolina Glass Art Studio in Durham as an apprentice in 2001.

Exterior of Studio

Since then he has taught classes through the Durham Arts Council, studied with renowned master glassblower Emilio Santini  and has recently opened his new studio in Pittsboro North Carolina, Locally Grown Art to teach classes, host art events and create community using Art as Activism.

Jonathan studied jazz at North Carolina Central University  and also received a degree in Sustainable Agriculture at Central Carolina Community College. He then moved to Snow Camp, NC where for two years he co-managed a farm for which produced organic vegetables, meats, and cheeses.   Now he runs the Locally Grown Art Studio and is teaching privately and through Central Carolina Community College.


The mission of Locally Grown Art is to use glass art as a catalyst for environmental and social causes such as organic farming, alternative energy, sustainable practices and social justice. Drawing the connection between local farms and artists has been an ongoing mission for Jonathan.  Working with farmers and artists in the region has shaped his desire to educate people on the importance of supporting local farms and art alike and spawned his enthusiasm to teach and create art for the community through the Locally Grown Art Studio.  Furthermore, Davis has also worked many years for The Forest Foundation, an organization dedicated to environmental education and the promotion of sustainable livelihoods, helping with fair trade handicraft development.  The Forest Foundation has partnered with Carolina Biofuels  in Durham and is now producing Biodiesel and offering green forms of transit such as pedicabs and alternative fuel taxis.  As a new addition to Jonathans ongoing dedication to social and environmental activism, he has created the Chatham Help List.  This web site serves as an online social network which connects community members in voluntary work projects.  These projects encourage a pay it forward mentality while building the community as a whole.

Davis creates a variety of functional and sculptural art, specializing in goblets, paperweights, and marbles, and experiments with many cold working techniques such as faceting, drilling, cutting, and grinding.  He also integrates many natural elements in his works, including quartz, tektite, silicon, mica, coral and opal.  Silica based minerals, coldworking techniques and an infinite palette of glass color allow him to incorporate a variety of visual textures with his artwork. 

Jonathan has developed a style that alternates between complex color transitions with organic shapes and simple contrasts of black and white with symmetrical forms.  He is continually discovering new directions for his creativity and is currently pursuing public art and architectural installations as the next step in his career.